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About Me

~My favorite color is purple.

~My best friend is my handsome hubby.

~We got married on June 4, 2005.

~I love my dog Oscar, he’s the most loving dog in the world, although most would disagree because of  his breed .

~I am a full time vascular sonographer and a part time photographer.

~I am a daddy’s girl.

~When I become a mom, I hope I am as good at it as my mom.

~I love football (especially LSU Football).

~I love movies with Kate Hudson & Mattew McConaughey,  they are great together.

~I wish I lived on the beach.

~I don’t cook.

~I hate second hand smoke.

~I don’t like to exercise & diet – never had to until I turned 25.

~I don’t like country music, but love Johnny Cash.

~My favorite T.V. show is Grey’s Anatomy.

~I have an obsession with Nike Shox, I have them in every color (I’m not joking).

~I am starting to realize I’m getting old.

~I am a bad blogger.

 Photo by Kori Pardue











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