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The Band ~ Articles of Our Confederation
August 27, 2008

A.O.O.C  is a christian rock band. This is just a little sneak peak for you guys. A.O.O.C has signed with a record label and will begin tour in January 2009. I will be working with these guys for the next couple of weeks on some promo stuff for there upcoming tour. Check back in the next couple of weeks for more details on the band and what these guys are all about!



Kynnedy Brooke Has Arrived!!!!
August 16, 2008

Miss Kynnedy was in a big hurry to get here! She came almost a month and half early, despite her impatience’s, her and mom (Shae Newton) are doing great! She was born Thursday morning and weighed 4lbs. 2oz.  It has been a while since I’ve been a new aunt, my nephew is 16yrs old. You will meet him later this week when I introduce you all to his band.  Congratulations Cody and Shae, Kynnedy is a beautiful baby!!!


Brandon & Kelly
August 16, 2008

What a great vacation, with some great sessions. Brandon and Kelly were just one of the couples I done while I was in Destin. One session was cancelled due to the stomach virus…isn’t that great to have on vacation. Brandon and Kelly are some of mine and my handsome hubby’s close friends and I was totally stoked to do their pictures.These two were so great and made beautiful pictures together. I know these are not the ordinary beach pictures, but for this happily married couple they were perfect. These are some of my favorites!


Leaving for Florida!!!
August 5, 2008

Hey guys! I am leaving on vacation in the morning and will not be back until the 12th. If you have sent me or will be sending me a email, I will get back with you after I return. If you need to speak with me you may try my cell phone…I might answer!? I have four sessions schedule while I’m in Florida so, I plan on having some great pictures to share with ya’ll when I return. I will leave ya’ll with a couple of pictures from last years trip.



~Meet Taylor~
August 1, 2008

Name: Taylor Middleton

Nickname: Tay



High School: West Monroe

Graduating: May 2009

School Activites: Softball and Rebel Choir

Favorite Class: Choir



Where do you want to attend college: LA Tech

Dream Job: Pediatric Physical Therapist



Favorite Band: Dashboard Confessional

Favorite Song: Until You



Favorite Magazine:  Vogue

Favorite Website: Facebook



Favorite thing in your closet: My yellow pea coat

Favorite Color: Pink



Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Hang out with friends

3 things you would want if you were lost on a dessert island: Cell phone, water, and tanning oil



Person I would most like to meet: Amanda Bynes

Favorite Person: My Mom



Where do you see yourself in 10 years: In Dallas as a Physical Therapist

Biggest accomplishment so far: Passing in school up till now 

 Most important thing in friendship: Trust

My friends would describe me as: Spontaneous and Random